Wow. Someone should really, and I mean really tell you how hard it is to start a youtube channel. I mean I’ve been at it for a year now (not actively posting but trying to) and let me tell you: it is a pain. 

Who knew!? For example you have to find out something that you 1)enjoy doing and 2)can do. Sounds simple right? But then there’s the thing where you have to find your niche. I mean you don’t want to be like everyone else do you?

And then there’s the editing. The program you edit in. The music. The filming. All of it. So. Much. Work. But hey! then it looks cool right? I use Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and it’s good. There’s a lot of features and I know maybe, maybe 1% of them. It’s cool. I’ll learn.

So to sum it up: starting a youtube channel is a pain, but a pain that, if done right, is pretty darn cool. Here’s my first (ok edited) art video. The music doesn’t really go but it matches the tempo, and yes, I know I let my colors bleed out, I wasn’t patient enough to wait. I lack patience.

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