Do you believe in fate/destiny?


But also, no.

Maybe a little yes?

The thing is, there’s a difference. They’re two separate words (with different connotations) for a reason. The thing with fate is that it implies powers outside of yourself. Which is silly in itself because nothing exists outside of you. You are just as much the universe as it is you. Everything is connected. Not just because the outside/inside worlds affect each other, but on a subatomic particle level. There is no empty space. Air only appears to us as space.

So no, I don’t believe in fate. I don’t believe there is some god hanging out in the sky planning out everything that happens to me. Agreeing to fate is kinda like throwing your hands up in the air and saying life just happens to you. Does it though? Do you want it to? The power is there. For you to take it and do with it as you please. You are the creator of your life, of your reality.

But, destiny? Oh what a delicious word that is. It is destined to happen. This means that one way or another, no matter what roads you take you will end up in the same place. Karma would be another word for it – but again, different connotations to the word.

But Mika! How are those two different? Of course, let me tell you. Let’s play a little imagination game, ok?

Let’s start. Before you are born you are sitting at a table with the main people in your life. You are planning out what you will experience here on Earth.

Perhaps it’s heartbreak. Perhaps it’s losing a loved one. Perhaps it’s dealing with a deep pain. Abandonment. Wining the lottery. Building your dream home. All things which you want to experience in your time as a human. That’s what destiny is.

Fate is more like you were born, and up in the sky there’s three blind old ladies (sharing one eye) deciding for you what will happen.

See my point? It’s all just perspective really. Who is holding the rains to your life?


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