What ending up in the ER has taught me about my skin

most recently taken picture (3 days out of the hospital) Hello friends!! I think I'm starting to understand what is going on with me (barely). However until I can get a better grasp on what I am truly dealing with we can look a little bit on the positive side of things. I have had… Continue reading What ending up in the ER has taught me about my skin

Hi, Sorry (Again!)

I know I know. I’ve been MIA. Again. To be honest (as usual on this blog) I haven’t felt the inspiration to write. I’ve felt like a fraud, and rather than put out something that is completely unauthentic (as in you can smell it from a mile away unauthentic), I decided better to not post… Continue reading Hi, Sorry (Again!)

Where is Your Energy?

Where is your energy? Do you put your energy in yourself or in others? Do you have enough energy for yourself? For the longest time I would call myself an extrovert. I put so much energy into the people around me, hoping that it would be returned, and when it wasn't I would find somebody… Continue reading Where is Your Energy?

Back to my Roots

Hello my loves! For those of you who have been with me, you know that I am on the path to authenticity. I am constantly trying to find myself and better myself. The goal is to become self sufficient, to be able to accept who I am and be happy with who I am. I have… Continue reading Back to my Roots