Or should I say lack of? I feel like I always start off super strong with writing this blog and updating and posting and then I fall off the wagon—mom said it was the weed. And who knows maybe it was a little. Not so much that I was smoking as much as I didn’t feel like I could be honest about the fact that I do smoke.

Recreational use of drugs is pretty much frowned upon where-ever you go—but that’s such crap. People drink coffee. The drink alcohol. Eat sugar. All of these things stimulants for your body that are (and stay with me here) way worse for your body.

The point is — my problem always seems to be that the second I can’t be completely honest with myself on here and therefore you my readers—I fall off the wagon.

I don’t want to talk about quarantine. Or this stupid virus. The whole thing just fills me with rage. I am angry. It’s wrong.

So here I am! Back! Again…let’s try this again. How are you guys doing? What are you doing to keep busy? I facetime friends. Make tiktoks. Draw. Paint. Walk on the beach. Anything to distract my mind and pass the time while slowly counting down the days to summer.

Much love x, Mica

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