Pinocchio’s Pizza in Piata Unirii Timisoara

Here is a collection of the works that I created for the entrance exam, followed by works that I painted throughout my first year and (I) thought were showed my best at that time.

While pieces such as the Lyno-cut Print and the pointillism self portrait were made by me in High School, the remaining pieces were made around a month before my entrance exam.

From here down there are paintings and sketches done for my courses during my first year.

This is a series of pencil and watercolour D’Apres: following models of other paintings for their composition.

These are still life sketches/drawings done in pencil and ink. We had live models pose for us.

One response to “Year One – FAD | UVT”

  1. Angela McKeirnan Avatar
    Angela McKeirnan

    Gorgeous work, Maria! Thanks for sharing! I love your commissioned work and your scenes.

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