You tell me, is it worth it, to spend at least 3000 dollars extra, in order for your seat in the metal contraption that is being hurled through the sky at 700km /hr to be closer to the front of the plane? Where there are less people and the seats are larger?

I think yes. If you can afford it why would you settle for anything less? I was just on a nine hour flight, in between chatty and wine breath. The stereotypical demographic there is that you assume I was trapped between 2 plump middle aged women, correct? Wrong. Quite the opposite in fact – very, very skinny, early 20s, guys. Think of your local hipster, thats pretty much who it was.

img_9240 A nine hour flight, which got delayed before takeoff, and then again when we tried to land. We turned around about 3 times before we finally got the all clear to land.



On the bright side I took some nice pictures!

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