You know the expression “you don’t know what you have until it’s missing?” – yeah, it’s pretty accurate. For the past week my phone has not been working, as in won’t even turn on. I also lacked a replacement for said phone.

I notice myself constantly reaching for it – when I have nothing to reach for. I am now much more aware of how glued to my phone I used to be. Constantly checking my push notifications or seeing if someone was trying to reach me.

I’ve gotten over not having a phone, mostly. I still want one. But I’ve noticed that I don’t really need one. I feel much less responsible for constantly keeping in contact with people – which at the end of the day does still drain you.

Try it as an experiment. Turn your phone off and hand it to someone you trust, tell them not to give it back to you for a week. See how you feel. What changes? Have you picked up new hobbies? Are you being more mindful of your so’s needs?


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