Processed with VSCO with se3 presetAs I am creating my brand I find myself more and more aware that there is a difference between the brand Micalilu and me, the girl, Lilu. I want to be able to put my art and thoughts out into the world, and in order to do this I have to create this brand, this persona, in order to distance myself from it a bit.

I enjoy creating posts, taking pictures, making art – but simultaneously this is something that I want to become my job. This is work. It’s a passion, but it’s a passion that I want to make a life out of. That’s where the business aspect of it comes. Where the “brand vs. person” ideology starts to form.  In order for me to become good at what I do – to put out a product that is valuable, it needs to become just that: a product. 

There’s some background on the idea – now let me get to the point. My brand is Micalilu. It’s my facebook page, my youtube, and my blog – this very website. My instagram however, is something personal. I don’t want to be doing it for others – it’s for me, for my friends, for my family. If you choose to follow me there that’s wonderful! However keep in mind that I am posting for myself.

Instagram started out as an online visual diary for me. A way to mark events with photos, or to share a quick image, a thought, a feeling. “Isn’t that what a blog is?” you’ll ask me. Sure, I suppose. The difference is, this blog is curated. I make sure it looks nice and that what I have to say has at least an ounce of value to someone, whether that’s me sharing my experiences or thoughts on something, or teaching you my grandmother’s desserts. Instagram is not curated in any way. What I say or post has probably little to no value to you.

On realizing that there is a separation between brand and person has helped me to relax and enjoy my social media again. I post my mirror selfie because like it. I write about my grandma’s Coconut Pandispan because I think you might like it.

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