most recently taken picture (3 days out of the hospital)

Hello friends!! I think I’m starting to understand what is going on with me (barely). However until I can get a better grasp on what I am truly dealing with we can look a little bit on the positive side of things.

I have had acne starting in my late teens, with it being just some black heads to last summer when I had a full eruption all over my face, chin, and even neck.

Last year I was interned in the ER for four days because of panic attacks, I was vomiting and unable to stop. They had me tethered to glucose and calming medicine, for four days I dry heaved and didn’t eat.

On that fourth day (sounding very easter reminiscent, on the fourth day i came out of my cave) the doctors let me free with no diagnosis and a clear face.

Why? Why is my face so clear? I have had nothing but sugar water running through my veins for the past four days. I know correlation does not imply causation ….

Flash forward to last weekend (one year anniversary) and I’m in the hospital again, huzzah! Same stuff happens, again I come out with clean skin.

What goes in comes out.

You feed your skin with healthy stuff that it needs and your skin will be happy.

Not to say I’m doing this skin trip alone (this isn’t an add its my best friends mom’s old company), its a tea tree oil based cream that I apply on warm slightly wet skin in the morning and before bed.

This is what the old packaging looks like but I recently redid their packaging so it’s stil purple but slightly different.

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