Where are you from, where did you grow up.. what was your childhood like?

Hello, I’m from Rovinari, Gorj. It’s a small town near Târgu-Jiu. My childhood was a normal one, I grew up with some amazing friends that I still have today and yeah… I was a pretty happy child.

Why and when did you decide to become an artist? A photographer?

Hmm… I think I’ve always been passionate about art. Any kind of art. I have a strong relationship with my mother and I guess that’s where everything started. I remember when I was little that she used to draw some characters from cartoons and that really got me into drawing and painting but photography… I don’t know. I don’t really consider myself a photographer but I like taking pictures of myself, haha and things that inspire me and I like the idea of pictorials like close-up portraits and I like to pose too. So photography is just a hobby right now but I would like to grow in that area so I’ll keep working on that.

What about your art is rebellious, unconventional or unusual?

Well, I don’t think that what I do is really unusual or unconventional… I just like to take expressive pictures. Sometimes I like to make it more fun and I combine photography with digital art.

Has your artistic journey had a deliberate direction  or did it simply gradually evolve in whatever direction found?

I think it simply gradually evolved when I’m in the mood to paint or to take a picture the result is completely different from how I imagined it.

Who/what inspires your self portraits? Would you consider this a hobby or a part of you integral artist tool box? 

The feature of faces. I don’t know, whenever I see a person or a good portrait, I feel like taking pictures and I start from there. I try to be the most creative I can be but sometimes just a good old selfie can be so expressive. 

What has been your most touching or amazing moment you’ve experienced as an artist?

When people appreciate what I do that’s when I feel the happiest because I’m not the most confident person and I feel like “Hmm… what if this is ugly and I’m the only one who likes it?” I know I don’t do art for other people and if I like it that’s enough but it makes you feel good when you know that people appreciate what you do.

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