Stop Planning Everything

Real talk – I try to plan everything to the second. It’s obsessive perhaps, that I want to know and plan out every single detail of my life – what I do, where I go, who I am – Instead of actually being in the moment. This constant planning, when it’s just planning and not doing is actually anxiety inducing, and quite honestly unproductive.

IMG_2809There is comfort in living in the future. You get to imagine bigger and greater things. This is where I want to be six months from now. This is who I want to be a year from now. We’re told that it takes time to get places. That it takes time to change, to achieve things. Don’t get me wrong there is truth in this! Practice after all does make perfect. Yet we, I, need to let go of this idea that I can’t decide to change now. To do things differently now.

It’s about living in the moment. Think about it – in the moment (most usually) there isn’t anything happening that is worthy of causing anxiety. Anxiety is fear of what is to happen or not happen. My theory now is that if I stop worrying so much about the future, and appreciate more what I have in the here and now I’ll be happier.



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