Hello loves! If you’ve read my earlier posts you know that I’ve had to chop off my medium to long haircut to something much much shorter than I have been used to. This has brought up the issue of, well, having short hair again. It’s annoying to not be able to do as much with it as I used to but I can still do some pretty cute hairstyles! Watch out for a youtube tutorial on the styles below this Wednesday! And yes, I did take advantage of still having my bleached hair and dyed it pink (don’t worry its a non toxic wash out dye, think something along the lines of kool-aid).

half up

Probably one of the simplest hairstyles is half up pony tail with wisps of hair pulled out at the forehead. I really like this style for when my hair is a mess and not cooperating – it’s super easy and gives off a clean look!




Another one of my favorite looks is to make curls with a straightening iron. This gives off more of a wavy beach vibe but still tames the frizz that comes with having naturally curly hair. Lately my top layer of hair doesn’t curl right or at all anymore, so doing this helps with keeping things slick.





A super easy look after curling your hair with a straight iron is to pin it back into french twists. Voila – party hair to business hair in a matter of two bobby pins.






If your hair is feeling greasy, or you areIMG_4483 going to the gym/want it out of the way you can always opt for french or dutch braids. I’m not really sure which is which but they look super cute on short hair because they end right at the bottom – leaving you with little to no pigtails, which you can then tuck in and pin with bobby pins if you would like!





Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite! Half up, braided space buns. This looks complicated but is actually pretty easy to achieve. Begin your french or dutch braids and stop about halfway – wherever you want your buns to end up. Tie the hair into a pony tail, create your bun and pin. Voila! Space buns with a touch of braid.


One response to “Hairstyles for Short Hair”

  1. meenawalia Avatar

    U look good in all the hairstyles.


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